Thursday, May 17, 2007

5/17 Update 3

If any of you are getting responses from your representatives, please forward them to me at


Brief notes here, hotlinks to sources are found in the spreadsheet.

Assigned Boxer to "Undecided" based on her statement that she has concerns and would favor amendments.
Assigned Shelby to "Against" based on strong statement at his website.
Assigned Sessions to "Undecided" based on vague statement from last week
Put Mel Martinez "For" based on his participation in Senate press conference today.
Put Saxby Chambliss "For" based on his participation in Senate press conference today.
Assigned Menendez to "Undecided" based on "strong reservations" from source
Assigned Reid to "Undecided" based on "refrained from endorsing" from source
Obama and Schumer are "Undecided" right now because of expressed concerns with the bill as-is.

Brown-Waite added to "Against" based on critical comments
Sensenbrenner added to "Against" based on critical comments
Putnam added to "Undecided" based on comments to The Hill

You can see the full spreadsheet here:

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JR said...

If you want this spreadsheet to keep updating in your blog, you should just post an inline "iframe" with the published range you want inside it...
This way you wouldn't have to keep updating the .jpg...

Within google spreadsheets, just go to the publish pane and then "more publishing options" and from there choose the "html to embed in a web page" format... and select the range you want and "generate URL - which actually generates the iframe code in this case...
You can put that iframe inside a blogpost and it will keep uodating everytime you re-publish the spreadsheet - or automatically every 5 minutes if you selected that option on the pulish pane.