Thursday, May 17, 2007

5/17 Update 4

Brief notes here, hotlinks to sources are found in the spreadsheet.


Moved Byrd to "Against" based on a direct statement

Moved Dole to "Against" based on general website statement (not specific to 2007 measure)

Moved Craig to "For" based on clear website statement here:

Put Kyl as "For" because he was at the press conference, but there may be a small chance he abandons the measure

Put McConnell in "Undecided" but his statement is leaning toward support.

Put Dorgan in "Undecided" because he wants to eliminate the "guest worker" provisions.

Hutchison posts the perfectly neutral release on her website -- so she's in "Undecided." Heavy efforts by her constituents just might move her against the bill. Check it out:


Moved Bilbray and Hunter to "Against" based on interviews

Put Becerra in "Undecided" because he's concerned the bill is too strict on immigration

Lamar Smith and Peter King are "against" from clear statement quoted in a news article

You can see the full spreadsheet here:

I need reports about your congressional representatives! The House of Reps is where this battle will be very close -- keeping this list accurate will keep them accountable!!

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