Friday, May 25, 2007

5/25 Update


We're moving Patrick Leahy to Undecided for now based on his withdrawing from the "compromise bill" drafting group.

We're moving Baucus and Tester to LEANS AGAINST based on their opposition to cloture and comments to the Billings Gazette:
Baucus described the measure as being too "jammed together" and said he opposed two main provisions.

"One, it smacks too much of amnesty for me, and second, the guest worker program is not a good idea," Baucus said.

Tester shared some of the same concerns, spokesman Matt McKenna said. "There's no question we need immigration reform, but we need an immigration policy that does not have amnesty and is fair to taxpayers," McKenna said. "He does not believe this bill is fair to taxpayers, and he believes supporting this bill is supporting amnesty."
Moved Russ Feingold to "Undecided" because of his cautious comments on the bill. There appears to be a possibility that Democrats who are close to organized labor may possibly oppose the bill.

Harry Reid is helping this bill along through procedural efforts, so we're going to move him from "Undecided" to "Firmly For"

We're putting Claire McCaskill in "undecided" because of wide-open quotes to MISSOURINET

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) says she wants to see a "monumental change" in what this bill is or will be before voting to move forward with it. McCaskill wants to see more secure borders. And, she has concerns about the legislation not going far enough to hold accountable those who violated America's laws. She wants to see the illegals held accountable, as well as those who hire the illegal workers. "If we don't get serious about holding the people who are hiring illegal immigrants accountable," says McCaskill, "We will never solve this problem."
We're moving Orrin Hatch to "Undecided" because of these comments to Daily Herald:
Orrin Hatch said Monday that he'll need more time to dig through the 1,000-page immigration bill introduced in the Senate before he can make an informed decision.

"I need to look at it carefully, talk to Utahns, and get their views on this complex proposal before deciding whether to oppose or support it," he said.


Moved Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) as FIRMLY FOR based on her Hannity & Colmes appearance (transcript linked in spreadsheet)

Added Eric Cantor to FIRM AGAINST based on information from Michelle Malkin.

Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is FIRMLY AGAINST the present immigration bill per a statement on her website.

The full spreadsheet is here:

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