Saturday, May 19, 2007

5/19 Update 3


Lamar Alexander has a totally neutral statement on his website, so we're moving him to "Undecided" from "Leans Against."

Added link to Jim Bunning's statement to spreadsheet; he stays as "Leans Against."

Jack Reed is "Leans For" with his cautiously positive statements to Providence Journal.

Sheldon Whitehouse is "Undecided" because he gave Providence Journal a neutral statement.

Mark Pryor is "Leans For" and Blanche Lincoln is "Leans For" based on these quotes to the Northwest Arkansas Morning News:
Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., said the plan represents an advance in solving the issues created by illegal immigration.

"I applaud the cooperation between the Senate and White House to put forth a plan that strengthens border security, creates an extensive path to citizenship and addresses those who are here illegally," he said.

Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., called the Senate plan a starting point for debate.

"We need comprehensive reform that strengthens border security, creates tough and smart workplace enforcement and brings millions of people out of the shadows," Lincoln said. "Undocumented immigrants will have to get in the back of the line and earn their way to legalization. As the process moves forward, I remain committed to improving our border security and finding a realistic approach to addressing the undocumented immigrants living in our communities."


Richard Baker (R-LA) has made a strong statement against the bill.

Joe Baca (D-CA) has lobbied President Bush for "Comprehensive Immigration Reform," so we're going to deduce that he "Leans For" this bill until we hear something to the contrary.

Grace Napolitano's (D-CA) Immigration statement on her web site leads us to deduce that she "Leans For" this bill until we hear something to the contrary.

Moved Mary Bono (R-CA) to "Uncertain" because she has not taken a position until she reviews the bill.

John Campbell (R-CA) is also "reserving judgement" until he sees the bill, so he's in "Uncertain" although he did express some concerns with what he's already heard.

James Langevin (D-RI) called the compromise bill a “good step forward” so he's "Leans For."

Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) called it a "good starting point" so he's "Leans For."

John Boozman (R-AR) is "Firm Against" based on this quote to Northwest Arkansas Morning News:

Third District Rep. John Boozman, R-Rogers, sided with other conservatives who said the bill was flawed because of its provisions to give illegal immigrants a route to citizenship.

"My concerns are it's an amnesty bill that rewards the behavior that we don't want," Boozman said. "You don't solve the problems of illegal immigration by making everyone legal."

He said he would vote against the bill if it makes it to the House in its current form.

The full spreadsheet is here:

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